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Who are we?


The North Hambleton Wind Farm Action Group (NHWAG) was formed in 2008 when a proposal was made to site 9 industrial scale wind turbines at Ingram Grange Farm, Appleton Wiske. These turbines, six times the size of the Angel of the North were to be erected on a site close to the villages of Appleton Wiske, Deighton and Welbury and if erected would dominate the whole countryside of the north Hambleton area of North Yorkshire.



Our Aims and Objectives.


The aims of the Group are:


  • 􀀁 To protect the peace, harmony, and personal utility of the Villages within the North Hambleton Area.

  • 􀀁 To inform residents of the area of the pros and cons of wind energy.

  • 􀀁 To communicate details to the villages within the area of any proposal for any wind farm and/or any related planning application that may affect the area.

  • 􀀁 To support the responsible development of sustainable and low carbon energy generation.


The objectives of the Group are:


  • 􀀁 To oppose all aspects of the process by which any planning application may be submitted for the construction of a windfarm at Ingram Grange, Appleton Wiske or any other location within the area.

  • To oppose any application itself should it be submitted;

  • 􀀁To oppose the appellant should any application be declined by the relevant planning authority and an appeal be lodged;

  • 􀀁To ensure that all aspects and conditions of any approval are strictly adhered to, and that the daily life and needs of local inhabitants are given due and proper regard by the developer should any application be approved either by the relevant planning authority or as the result of an appeal.


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