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What Can I do?

The key issues that affect people are:


  • Visual impact: Nobody has a right to a view, but loss of visual amenity can have a major impact on people's lives.

  • Noise: The noise standard used, inadequately protects nearby residents in many cases, especially since it takes no account of amplitude modulation which can be a loud thumping noise.

  • Shadow Flicker: The strobe effect caused when the turbine blades cast a rotating shadow on people's houses.

  • There are also other issues concerning traffic and disruption during construction and also possible health issues due to low frequency noise as well.

  • If you haven't seen the impact of wind turbines on nearby properties, go along to Hilton and Seamer and see the effect of the Hilton & Seamer turbines.

  • Write to your MP and local councillors and let them know your opposition to wind turbines:

         MP for Richmond (Yorks): Rishi Sunak
         Hambleton DC Councillor for Appleton Wiske: Annabel Wilkinson


  • If a planning application is submitted, write to the planners and tell them of your opposition. Remember:  Developers now have to show that the local community is in support of their wind farm for planners to approve their plan.

        Hambleton District Council Planning Website:

  • Join us: Come to our meetings and help our fight.

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